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Who is Field to Market?

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture brings together a diverse group or grower organizations; agribusinesses; food, fiber, restaurant and retail companies; conservation groups; universities; and public sector partners to focus on defining, measuring, and advancing the sustainability of food, fiber and fuel production. 

Where can I find more information on Syngenta Sustainable Solutions?

Visit for more information about Syngenta Sustainable Solutions.

Who are my contacts for Syngenta Sustainable Solutions?

Liz Hunt, Sustainable Solutions Key Account Manager


[email protected]

What are benchmarks?

Benchmarks are calculations of average sustainability performance by region and crop for the commodities in the Field to Market program. Benchmarks are calculated using similar algorithms and models as the Field to Market metrics, with some adjustment necessary to account for data availability. Detailed documentation of the databases used and the benchmark calculations can be downloaded here

Are my growers aware of these metrics and their performance?

Yes, growers have been given this information in hand directly from Ag Connections, as well as at grower meetings held in the early part of the year.  They have individual reports provided for their farms.

Can I see individual growers data?

Data extracts from the Land.db database exclude personal information such as farm or grower names, addresses, or phone numbers.  Growers and fields are assigned anonymous identification codes, and these codes are used in the data extracts.  Only AgConnections has access to the grower code and ability to cross reference grower codes to the actual grower participant.  Growers must sign a Sustainable Solutions Agreement permitting the release of their data for reporting use. Part of that agreement says that neither Syngenta or our corporate partners can access the growers individual data.

How should the data be used?

The Benchmark data can be used by your organization, other members and licensees of Field to Market as a resource for understanding a snapshot of sustainability performance for all U.S. production of the commodities in the program.